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In the M-230701-230801-GETR-03-1 auction of capacity allowed for export for the month of July 2023, "SOCAR Georgia Gas" LLC was announced as the winner and 200.0 MW was allocated, a total of 148.800 million kWh. However, in view of Article 6, Clause 3, Sub-Clause "d" of the Auction Rules, the allocated bandwidth was canceled to the company.


Please note, M-230701-230801-GETR-01-1 auction results due to software error


გთხოვთ გაითვალისწინოთ, ახალი გამოცხადებული აუქციონი არის სატესტო



For Exporters

Please be aware that special auction is preparing for allocation of Export Allowed Volume for June, 2019.

Auction gate closure estimated time: 18:00 of 23rd of May, 2019.

For the detailed information you may visit the following link:




Concerning auction #M-190504-190601-GEGE-01-3

In case available transfer capacity is allocated in direction of Armenia for May, 2019, physical transmission right will be able to be used only after 220 kV "Alaverdi" transmission line will be available, namely, after 8th of May.